~ “I really enjoyed and was blessed by Kate’s love for Jesus.” (Conference participant)

~ “When Kate began praying- I was moved, I felt Jesus’ love for me.  I felt forgiven by God! I felt a load lifted off my shoulders for something I did over 20 years ago. I am free!” (Conference participant)

~ “I rededicated my life as an adult and I am very active in my worship team. But I have not allowed Jesus to take my shame from past sins and I’ve carried them as a reminder of my low self-esteem.  Kate touched that and brought it forward to my awareness and I came forward in a need of prayer. Thank you Kate!” (Conference participant)

~ “As Kate spoke, I knew I wanted to walk with Jesus next to me/ for me to be aware of that/more sensitive to him in my life and to be more bold using my voice to speak for those who have no voice.” (Conference participant)

~ “To me, it was like a refresher course because now that I’m in a pastoral position – it helped me; reminders of what to do and not to do to draw people in.” (Workshop participant)

~ “The handouts were great! ‘Take aways’ to use in our ministry.” (Workshop participant)

~ “It can change mine and others lives.” (Workshop participant)

~ “I feel more equipped and inspired to reach out without fear and intimidation.” (Workshop participant)

~ “Thanks for your warm and intimate sharing. Your insights on prayerfully discerning what & how God wants me to reveal in a relationship were very valuable. The practice of a prayerful reflection gave me a new insight, so I’ll try a new way to reveal Christ this week – thanks! ” (Workshop participant)

~ “It made me think about how much more prayer I need before spending time with people to whom I wish to minister.” (Workshop participant)


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Katia gonzalez says:

    I am reading your book about women in Afeganistan and I am stonished! God really touch my heart about these women and their suffering and their invisibility! I am brazilian and no have these books in Brazil! Your books are a kind of teaching for me because I am preparing to go to these places to the suffering church helping ( i don”t know how yet) these womem. Thank you for share with us! God bless you and may we can meet one day!

  2. Kate McCord says:

    Ah, thank you! And blessings to you Katia! I know that if God is calling you, He’ll open the doors. There are many Brazilians working in very difficult places. I pray you will be able to join them. Let me know if I can be of any service: kate.mccord.storyteller@gmail.com

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