Kate McCord ~ About Me (The Very Short Version)

Writer & Spiritual Director, Speaker & Workshop Facilitator & Santé Ministry team member

  • Born in the south, grew up on the east coast
  • Currently live in a rural community in the US northeast
  • Gave my life to Christ as a young adult
  • Member of a local church
  • Committed to seeking intimacy with Christ and ministry that flows from that intimacy
  • Spent about 10 years in manufacturing management and 10 years in the international corporate world
  • Worked for most of 9 years in Afghanistan as a Christian humanitarian aid worker
  • Wrote “In the Land of Blue Burqas”, a non-fiction book about sharing faith in Afghanistan “Farewell Four Waters“, a novel about losing my Afghan home and find Christ in the loss and “Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places“.
  • Launched Santé Ministries to provide resources for those pursuing intimacy with Christ and ministry that flows from intimacy
  • Now working mostly as a Writer, Spiritual Director & Santé Ministry team member.
  • Speaking and facilitating a few workshops each year.
  • Sill loving Jesus!

~Helping others grow in intimacy with Christ and ministry that flows from intimacy~

Contact Kate

I’d love to hear from. If you’d like to contact me, just send an email to: Kate.mccord.storyteller@gmail.com . I’ll usually respond in 3-5 days.