“In The Land of Blue Burqas”


This book is all about faith conversations with Afghans Muslims.

This book is for:

Kate McCord's Book

“In the Land of Blue Burqas”

  • Everyone who engages in Muslim/Christian dialog
  • Anyone who wants to explore their own faith
  • Anyone who wants to get to know Afghans as real people

The book welcomes the reader into Afghan homes and workplaces. You’ll meet real men and women living lives far outside the realms of government policy-makers and military leaders. You’ll listen to the stories of a people different from us, yet traveling along the same journey. I hope you will enjoy their humanity and learn to love those who before, were only strangers. Through the stories, you’ll ache and wonder as you watch our precious new friends struggle to make sense out of the world around and within them. In that chaos, confusion and pain, you’ll hear Jesus. You’ll listen as His stories, teachings and truth offer each of us a new way to live, love and hope. Along the way, I hope you’ll find yourself grasping anew stories we have known all along but somehow forgotten. In the end, may you whisper a prayer for us, our neighbors and our world.


There are literally hundreds of reviews on the web about “In the Land of Blue Burqas”. If you want to read some of them, try a simple Google search: Kate McCord, “In the Land of Blue Burqas”, review.

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  • 2013 Christian Book Award finalist
  • Outreach Magazine 2013 Outreach Resources of the Year

Available in Dutch

“In the Land of Blue Burqas” in Dutch

In 2013, the first foreign language version of “In the Land of Blue Burqas” was released.

Now available in German

BlueBurqas GermanThe German version is available through Frontiers Germany


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