Kate McCord Books, Booklets and Free Resources

Kate McCord has published 3 full length books, 2 reflective booklets, and a wide collection of free resources. Click on the covers below to learn more.

Click on the cover to learn more

Published Book - Why God Calls us to Dangerous places by Kate McCordPublished Book - Farewell Four Waters by Kate McCordPublished Book - In the Land of Blue Burqas by Kate McCord

Kate McCord’s full length books, all published by Moody Publishers. Available from all major booksellers. 

Sante Ministries Resources

Santé Booklets

Santé reflective materials are developed to support your personal intimacy with Christ and your ministry to others.

Published Booklet - Into the Christmas Story by Kate McCordPublished Booklet - Experiencing the Heart of God by Kate McCord

Kate McCord’s reflective booklets and prayer guides, all published by Santé Ministries. Available at the Santé Ministries Resource Library.

Sante Ministries Resources

Kate McCord’s free, downloadble, reflective worksheets available at the Santé Ministries Resource Library.

Published free resources by Kate McCord

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