Today, still exploring God and serving others

Kate McCord, exploring God and serving othersI’m always exploring! I suppose that’s the truest thing about me. The One I’m most passionately exploring is God! I see God as this great mystery who knows and loves me personally and completely. I get glimpses; through Jesus, the Holy Spirit, scripture, prayer, worship, reflection, my experiences in the world, the writings, words and lives of others – everywhere. I figure I could spend my entire life getting to know God and barely scratch the surface of who he is. Yet every moment is full of his presence and I am both awed and delighted, satisfied and still hungry, knowing and still only dimly aware. These days I’m focused on getting to know the humanity of Jesus – the one who is fully human as we are created to be. I’m asking him to help me be fully human and finding him faithful. I’m awed, also, by the notion of union with God in Christ and what that means. I don’t have it yet, but I’m having fun exploring.

Exploring God & Serving others through writing

I love writing. When I was kid I wrote incessantly; on the backs and edges of homework assignments, album covers, store receipts, or any scrap of paper I could find. Now, I write in a hand-made journal and on my computer. When I write, or think about what I’m going to write or have just written, time stops. I explore; meaning, emotion, love, truth, grace – whatever I’m writing about. Writing for me is a dialog. I’m always talking with Jesus, listening, reflecting on scripture, following connections, exploring images. Sometimes I’ll start, thinking I know where I’m going, only to watch the words take their own course and realize that sweet ‘ah hah’. That’s what was in my heart. I just love that. These days I’m developing free downloadable worksheets and small booklets for Santé Ministries. I love those places where the spiritual meets the practical and God speaks into our lives. Oh, and of course, I’m journalling, but that’s just between me and God!

Spiritual Direction

I’m privileged to help others explore God within them. I provide private, one on one spiritual direction and small group spiritual reflection, all via Internet technology.

One-on-one, Private Spiritual Direction

I meet with about twenty different people; some bi-weekly, some monthly. All are seeking God in their own lives and learning to minister to others from the Truth they’ve experienced. I love this work. We sit together over Skype or Google HangOuts. There’s always three of us; me, the person I’m meeting with, and the Holy Spirit. Those sessions are all about the other’s spiritual journey. I also meet with my own spiritual director to explore what the Spirit of God is doing within me. I just love that.

Small group spiritual reflection

I’m privilSante Minsitries On-line reflection groupseged to facilitate about a dozen small groups each year. We meet for 6 weeks, one hour a week, on line. Each group is unique. All start with scripture and the Holy Spirit within us. We get to know God in Christ more deeply, discover his presence in our day to day lives, learn to live authentically, and find his leading for sharing his love and truth with others.

On-Site Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

I set aside time each year to speak at conferences and facilitate workshops. I love this work and would love to do more, but sadly, must limit the engagements I accept. Mostly, that’s a matter of scheduling and trying to keep time available for those individuals to whom I’m committed to serving.

Video Conferencing

Throughout each year, I meet with small groups, Sunday School classes, Book clubs and video teams via video conferencing. Ah, technology is an amazing gift!

Other stuff…

Well, let’s see. I’m living in America and grateful for that, although, yes, I still miss my beloved friends in Afghanistan. Here, I play in my garden spring through fall. Snowshoe (and shovel snow) in the winter. Enjoy my family, faith community, two dogs who constantly demand my attention and precious friends who I love but never see enough! I’m addicted to healthy foods and constantly trying to honor the environment. I love walking in the woods, making stained glass panels, and building stuff (although I don’t do any of those things exceptions well, except, well walking!) I suppose that’s enough.

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