Spiritual Direction for Evangelical Missionaries

God in all your stories

I provide private, one -on-one spiritual direction for evangelical missionaries, transitional missionaries, and ministers serving God in their passport countries and across the world. All sessions are conducted via video-conferencing with flexible scheduling available.

Is Spiritual Direction for you?Kate McCord spiritual director serving Evangelical missionaries

Are you an Evangelical missionary? Are you on your way to the field? On the field? Re-entering your passport country? Do you long for deeper intimacy with God? Greater sensitively to his Holy Spirit? Discernment? Guidance? Presence? Healing? Then Spiritual Direction is for you.

The best Contact Kate McCord missionary spiritual directorway to decide if spiritual direction is for you is to try it out. Request a free, no-obligation initial spiritual direction session.

Serving evangelical missionaries through every phase of the journey

I’ve been there; dreaming, raising support, landing, walking the long walk and, finally, coming home. I know the joys and challenges of each season and how important it is to stay close to Christ through it all.

I provide continuity of service. I’ll walk with you as the context of your life changes; school, m-organization, fieldteam, jobs, locations, it doesn’t matter, I’ll stay with you.

  • Dreaming, discerning, exploring
  • Finding open and closed doors
  • Heading for the field
  • Landing and finding your way
  • Struggling or rejoicing (or both)
  • Exhausted and disappointed or running strong and hopeful
  • Losing home or returning home (or both)

No matter where you are, I can walk with you.

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Kate McCord ~ Professional, Experienced Spiritual Director

I’m committed to providing spiritual direction to Evangelical missionaries because I know that Christ is with each of us, through every step of our lives. I’ll create a safe, private, and welcoming space for you to find Jesus in your journey. You can talk about anything you want in spiritual direction, no matter how joy-filled or messy. Together, we’ll lean in to hear what Christ wants to reveal to you.

  • 9 years working in Afghanistan
  • Team member, team leader and fieldworker mentor
  • Trained as a Spiritual Director at West Virginia Institute for Spirituality (Spiritual Director’s International Certified).
  • Completed Assisting Individuals in Crisis and Group Crisis Intervention training.
  • Santé Ministries Spiritual Director
  • Over 500 individual spiritual direction session hours
  • Member of Spiritual Director’s International
  • Insured


Evangelical Missionary Free session
See if Spiritual Direction is right for you

Your first spiritual direction session is free.

  • The recommended rate for on-line Spiritual Direction is $60 per session. Discounts are available.
  • Missionaries and cross-cultural workers receive a 25% discount ($45 per session)
  • Full time students receive a 75% discount ($15 per session)

Payment can be made via PayPal through the Santé Ministries website  (major credit cards or PayPal accepted), or via paper check.

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