Combining fiction, non-fiction, reflections and resources into a cohesive thematic story

Imagine you’re a traveler visiting a lovely guesthouse on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

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In the morning, you awaken to bird songs and the sweet scent of summer flowers. You rise slowly and gather a cup of coffee and your well-worn journal. You find an interior courtyard, enclosed yet open to the sky. Welcomed, you settle into a swaying hammock chair beside a murmuring fountain surrounded by lush green ferns and soft mounds of tiny yellow daisies. There, you invite the words of a reflection to stir your heart and explore the thoughts and emotions that rise to your awareness.

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In the lazy afternoon, you carry a lounge chair, an umbrella, and a book to the beach. The rhythmic surf quiets your soul and you read, finding yourself in each page you turn.

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In the evening, you settle into a comfortable lounge chair on a wide veranda overlooking the brilliant sea. There, you breathe deeply the ocean breeze and listen to stories unfolded gently while the sun quietly sets over the horizon.

In time, you’ll find a map, explore the Island, and meet wonderful people. Later, you’ll receive invitations to visit foreign communities, and fall in love with brothers and sisters who, like you, dance in the dust.

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