Combining fiction, non-fiction, reflections and resources into a cohesive, thematic story

DustDancer is all about recognizing God’s presence in ALL our stories.

Season 1 explores hospitality, welcome, inviting other in and celebrating our diversity. Along the way, we encounter our own resistances and the resistance of others. We find ourselves in God’s story and recognize God’s unfolding stories in our lives. We struggle, grieve, and often overcome – finding joy in journey.

DustDancer Season 1 Elements

In season 1, we combine fiction, non-fiction, and reflections into a cohesive, nuanced, and multi-layered theme.

Our elements include:

DustDancer fiction short stories

Season 1 short stories are told from the point of view of Helen Dillon, a fictional character created by Kate McCord.

DustDancer Season 1 fiction short stories

Helen is currently the host of guesthouse in Malta for overseas workers. She’s never worked overseas, and has found herself captivated by the stories of her guests.

Prior to moving the Malta, Helen was married to Jack. The two lived in West Palm Beach, Florida, where they bought, sold, and managed a wide range of properties. As a child and in college, Helen studied dance and although she gave up her dream of a performance career, she continues to love the art of music and motion. She originally from West Virginia, where she grew up in an affluent home, attended the local Episcopal church with her family, and developed a deep and abiding friendship with Jenny. Jenny currently lives and works in Africa as part of a Pentecostal missions organization. She helped Helen dream and pray about the guesthouse after Helen’s husband, Jack died.

In season 1

In Season 1, Helen is reading Kate McCord’s “Why God Calls us the Dangerous Places”. She knows Kate personally and appreciates the book, but she’s also finding it quite challenging. As she reads, she finds herself seeking God in her own journey.

In DustDancer short stories, Helen reflects on the chapter of the book she’s reading. Each short story is complete in and of itself. Helen’s stories are narrated by her and written from her perspective. Often, she brings the stories of her guests into her stories.

The Guests

Helen’s guest come from all over the world. Most are living and working in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. They’re members of diverse organizations and each engages in unique work on the field.

Some of her guests are visitors or short term trippers on their way to or from the field. Each brings a unique perspective and experience.

“Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places”

“Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places” is a non-fiction book written by Kate McCord and published by Moody Publishers. This book is sold by Moody, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and other booksellers. It’s available in print or ebook formats.

Season 1 short stories and reflections thematic correspond to each chapter in the book. Reading the book deepens the experience of participating in this journey.


Sante Reflections Link
DustDancer Season 1 related reflective posts and resources

Short reflections are posted on the Santé website. Each reflection corresponds to a chapter in Dangerous Places and to one of Helen’s stories. However, each reflection is complete in itself.

At the end of each reflection is a reflective question. The questions can be saved to your device for later use.

Non-fiction stories posted by community members

Season 1 also includes non-fiction stories posted by Santé community members. These posts are also available on the Santé website.

You’re welcome to post your stories, too.

The broad subject area for these stories will change throughout season 1. You can see what we’re writing about here.

More material

During this season, we’ll release additional stories and invite community participants to share their stories in different material. If you’d like to know about these, happens, please sign up on one of the email lists.

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Welcome to DustDancer, Season 1


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