“They Have to Hear, See, Touch”

Chapter 6 ~ Dangerous Places: Kate considers what it means to be God’s presence with those who live far from our homelands.

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Read “Dangerous Places” along with Helen…

Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places by Kate McCord
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“Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places” is the non-fiction companion book for DustDancer Season 1. Each DustDancer short story and Santé reflection relates thematically to a specific chapter of Dangerous Places.

Enter Helen’s stories ~ Fiction Shorts

Helen, the fictional host of the Malta guesthouse for overseas workers finds God in her own experiences and in the stories of others as she reads Chapter 4 of Kate’s book.

DustDancer Season 1 fiction short stories

Explore Santé Companion reflections

Santé companion reflections explore some of the themes Helen considers as she reads “Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places.”
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SaveEnjoy Kate’s other books Published books

Kate McCord has published 3 full length books, 2 reflective booklets, and a wide collection of free resources. <read more>

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