“The Question”

A brief audio reading from “Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places”, by Kate McCord, DustDancer Season 1 companion book. Also links to related fiction and reflection elements.

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Chapter 1:Dangerous Places  ~ Kate explores the cost of walking with Christ into dangerous places…for us and for those who followed Jesus to Jerusalem and beyond.

A brief reading …

Read “Dangerous Places” along with Helen…

Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places by Kate McCord
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“Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places” is the non-fiction companion book for DustDancer Season 1.

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Enter Helen’s stories from chapter 1 ~ Fiction Shorts

Helen receives Kate’s book and begins reading. Along the way, she finds her own story and discovers God’s presence in her own unique journey.

God’s gifts come to us in strange, unexpected places

Sometimes, we must begin again

Explore Santé Companion reflections

Santé companion reflections explore some of the themes Helen noticed as she read “Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places.”

Sante Reflections - embrace hope

In darkness, we declare truth to our frightened souls

Sante Reflection ~ Declare truth

In darkness, we declare truth to our frightened souls


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This article was written by katemccord.

Kate McCord is an accomplished author, Evangelical spiritual director, and transmedia storyteller. Kate is passionately committed to Christ, His Kingdom, and His people.