Book club and small group invite Kate McCord

Invite Kate McCord to your book club.

Invite Kate McCord your book club or small group via Skype, Google HangOuts, or Vsee

Would a live conversation serve your group? Have you read one of my books? Are you full of questions or just have things you’d like to talk about? If so, invite me to your book club. I’d be delighted to join your group via Skype or Google HangOuts!

“Kate, that was so much fun! Thanks so much for meeting with our small group. Everyone really enjoyed your visit. Your love for God and people is just so infectious. Thank you making time for us.” ~ a book club host

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How do we invite Kate McCord to our group?

Step 1: Contact Kate McCordContact Kate McCord

Invite Kate McCord to your group. We’ll work together through email to schedule our visit! (Ah, technology is a wonderful thing.)

Step 2 Preparing

Gather a list of the things you and your group would like to discuss.

Step 2 Connecting

Assemble your book club, team, small group or Sunday School class. Add an Internet connection, a camera, mic and video display. Call me when you’re ready to start.

During our time together, you’ll lead our conversation. I’ll follow, sharing on whatever topics you want to explore. We spend about 1 hour together.

Expect to enjoy our time together!

What will it cost?

Free, of course. Then again, I’d very much appreciate a small donation to help support my current ministry.

Yes, we want to invite Kate to our group

Contact Kate
Please tell me your name or nickname. I'll protect your information.
Please let me know how I can respond to you. I promise never to share your eMail address.
Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I'll respond as soon as I can.
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