Crafting a deep prayer

Have you ever crafted a prayer, carried it with you, and prayed it for months on end? Have you seen God answer?

A friend of mine did just that. After months of praying, the answers “simply poured in”.

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Who do you choose?

First there is the shock, the numbness. I scroll through internet pages reading news from multiple sources. I see pictures, bloody. I am barely breathing.

An hour passes and then another. I am hungry for more news as though if I could make sense of the chaos I might breathe again. But chaos has no sense and breathing is a choice.

Finally, I make the choice. I push myself away from my computer. I step outside into the cool starry night. I open my hands. “Lord. Lord?”

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When we meet Jesus, we meet God

Recently, I met with an American Muslim woman over a cup of tea. It was our 1st real conversation and so we spent our time getting to know one another. Along the way, my new friend offered her interpretation of Christianity in general and Jesus in particular.

Christianity, she said, is just like Islam; we seek to do what is good and right. We honor generosity, kindness and justice. I accepted her perspective as her own. Many others, of course, would disagree, but I wasn’t talking with them. I was listening to this woman and wanted to get to know her as an individual.

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The box splits

Jesus refuses the box; the one the Pharisees and Sadducees created, the one the disciples created, and even the ones I’ve created. He does the unexpected. He will be who he is. No one owns Him. No one gets to define him. Or more accurately; he shakes off the definitions of we carefully create to represent him to ourselves and others.

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Clashing Christian words

Job both frightens and encourages me. Mostly, though, I’d like to skip his story. It’s just thick with so much pain and loss. Besides, Job’s friends were the righteous, full of knowledge, convinced of their own wisdom-kind, and I’m sure I’ve far too often been just like them.

Have I ever been Job?

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